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Useful links for Job Seekers:

There is a wealth of information within this site, however here are all the links that we feel Bermuda focused Job Seekers may find useful brought together in one place:

  • Bermuda Employment Act – know your rights as an employee or contractor on the island: Click Here
    2021 amendments Click Here


  • Bermuda Government Labor Relations Office – offers a range of free and unbiased services to employers and employees – from consultations on employment situations to managing a complaint or a labor dispute through to settlement or to referral for disposition by a tribunal or arbitration panel Click Here


  • Human Rights Commission - the Commission’s business is to make the Human Rights Act work for the benefit of all residents of Bermuda Click Here

    • Providing effective and timely means for resolving individual complaints involving human rights, sexual harassment, and disability;

    • Promoting knowledge of human rights in Bermuda and encouraging people to follow principles of equality; and;

    • Helping reduce barriers to equality in employment and access to services.


  • Bermuda College – our leading on-island Education provider who boasts a wide range of courses and internationally recognized qualifications Click Here

  • Department of Workforce Development - provides career development and training opportunities including career counselling, job searches, resume writing and interviewing preparation, job readiness programs, professional development assistance, and Summer employment programs for college students.  They also maintain the Bermuda Job Board Click Here

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