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Where and how to apply?

In Bermuda a lot of recruitment goes on ‘behind the scenes’, but here are some places to check for publicly advertised positions:

  • Social Media platforms – many employers are now using a variety of online platforms to attract local talent - these include LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram – make sure you are regularly checking these platforms to stay on top of open vacancies across the island – also make sure your own social media profile is portraying you in a professional light before you connect/apply!

You may also want to connect with a local Recruiter / Employment Agency based on the island – they can have access to a variety of temporary and permanent employment opportunities that aren’t in the public domain.  You can find their websites/contact details with a quick Google search and also via LinkedIn - or ask your friends for referrals. 

However, rather than waiting for the ‘perfect’ job posting to arrive, or waiting on a Recruiter to call, try advancing your search yourself by proactively researching prospective employers based in Bermuda: 

  • Focus on companies who you feel may need someone with your skill set or industry experience, and use platforms like LinkedIn to profile them - find key contacts that work there and think about ‘getting on their radar’ before any vacancies arise.  Research online recent news articles to further educate yourself about their business in Bermuda and get connecting!

  • If you are focusing your job search to firms based in the City of Hamilton, perhaps use your next lunch break to take a walk around the streets and remind yourself of the awesome businesses based here; and also educate yourself on some new ones!  Plus, you never know who you may bump into - so being ‘seen’ out and about can lead to new opportunities that you may have missed…

  • Take note of any networking events or interesting conferences being held and attend some – allowing yourself to expand your network through these mediums can really help you develop exciting new connections that could help facilitate you finding that new job!

Before you apply to any job posting or make a speculative application – make sure you think about these points first:

  • Is this a good company?  Is there anything negative that shows up in a Google search? Can you find someone that works there/used to work there that you can get information from about how they are as an employer?  Try searching on Facebook, LinkedIn etc.  But remember to not get too clouded by other people’s opinions, there’s always two sides to a story, but if you see a trend of negative opinions from multiple trusted sources, keep note of red flags as you explore further...

  • Is your Resume/CV up to date and best showcases your relevant skills and experience as it pertains to their business?  Who is your point of reference / your key decision maker to approach?

  • Are your social media platforms showing you in a ‘professional’ light?  Are you aware of any negativity on the web that a prospective employer may also see? 

So, you’re ready to apply – think about these points:

  • What do they ask you to provide in your application?

  • Do you want to provide a cover letter? (recommended).

  • Do you have professional references ready to share?

  • Are you applying from your work email address?  (Big no-no).

  • Do you know anyone there that can give you an internal referral? (recommended).

Don’t wait until the closing date to apply, many companies will start interviewing as soon as they see someone they like – so show your interest early, but don’t rush an application or cut corners!

Remember: Good first impressions never have a second chance!

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