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Kites in the Sky

Welcome to Careers in Bermuda - We are so happy to have YOU!

This website has been designed specifically to assist Job Seekers in Bermuda in navigating their employment search. It’s long been recognized that changing jobs can be very daunting, and unless you are already a ‘pro jobseeker’, it can also be pretty confusing and frustrating!

Here is a central place to visit for all of your job seeking questions – if there is anything that you’d like to know more about that isn’t covered in these pages, please reach out - The aim is to work together to build and grow this platform to enable future job seekers to learn from others, and help them to realize that they are not alone and the advice, support and guidance is there for them.

So, whether you are a recent Graduate, someone looking for a complete career change, or whether you are simply wanting to find a good employer who values your work and invests in your long-term career development - this platform has been created for you...  Now let's take your job search to new heights!! 

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